A week in the life of a Content Marketer

Welcome to a new blog post! I know it’s been a while but since March I’ve been working full-time as a Content Marketer at Blastic. We’re a business that helps companies define their digital marketing strategy. Since I’m often asked what my job entails and what my days look like. I’m here to show you a glimpse behind the scenes of my experiences so far!

When people hear the terms “Content Marketer” or “Content Creator,” they may not know what they mean because this job can be interpreted in many ways.  In today’s blog post I will answer the question: “What does a Content Marketer do?” Enjoy reading!


My day starts at 9 am. Since I’m still primarily working from home, I check my emails and schedule first. After my to-do list is sorted out, I prioritize these tasks based on urgency and start my day. I double-check with my colleague Maaike, who’s a Digital Marketing Strategist, what the expectations are and get to work.  

I generally spend the first hours brainstorming social media content and compiling our content calendars. I create content for three different brands and elaborate all my ideas in Trello. In one glance, Trello tells you what’s being worked on, who’s working on what, and when something is due. The ideal platform for our social media management. 

When I have most of the ideas, I start writing the captions, create a visual that fits the message or ask Tom, our Graphic Designer, for some support. I adjust the post to the right social media platform and assign a due date. The content is now ready to be shared.  

In the afternoon, I write an article for Bastic’s blog. I start with some research to have enough knowledge about the subject of the article. I decide on a structure, come up with a nice introduction and spend time writing the rest of the article. Maaike proofreads it. When all the feedback is processed, it is ready to be published on our website. 

At the end of the day, we have a marketing meeting. During the meeting I review my day and we discuss my to-do list for tomorrow.  


My to-do list has been sorted out, which means I can get straight to the business! I have an important interview planned with Dewi Van De Vyver, CEO at Flow Pilots and Belgium’s ICT Woman of the Year 2020. The interview talks about women in IT and will be published on our website.  

I review all the questions and adequately prepare myself. I also record our conversation to be able to transcribe it afterwards. This way, no essential information gets lost.  

After the interview, I transform all the information into an easy-to-read article. Again, I ask Maaike for feedback. Adjustments are made and I also send a copy of the final version to Dewi for her approval. Curious about the result? You can read it here!  

In between tasks, I share some LinkedIn posts. After a quick lunch break, it’s time to immerse myself in the wonderful world of Google and follow some online courses about SEO and SEA. Next up: completing the Google Ads Search certificate. It’s important to keep learning and challenge yourself. And all things digital marketing genuinely interest me.  

I finish the day by attending the daily marketing meeting where we update each other on our work. 


I start the day by attending our weekly coffee call. A meeting that is created to stay in touch with colleagues because we’re working from home. Afterwards, I check my to-do list and get to work.  

Today, I write an e-book for B2B Commerce Academy. A content platform for and by B2B where you can find insights, tips and tricks concerning B2B commerce. Like with other articles and blog posts, conducting enough research is the first thing I do.  

Next, I define a structure, start to elaborate the concept and write the first chapters. As this will take some time, I will finish the e-book later.  

In the afternoon, I’m assigned to make some content changes to one of our client’s websites. The adjustments are made in Kentico. A web content management system. What does this involve? I have to modify forms, change contact details, add pages, and so on. This usually takes a few hours. 

After my content editing work, I finish the day by reviewing my work during the marketing meeting.  


In the morning, I always share LinkedIn posts. These are usually already planned in Trello. Afterwards, I may prepare some other social media posts. Making sure that everything is created well in advance. 

Today I will also be doing community management. You’re more likely to pay attention to a brand or business if they add valuable and interesting insights to your timeline. That’s what community management is all about. It’s engaging with your community on social media by responding to comments and questions, liking posts, sharing valuable content and overall fulfilling the needs of your target audience. Social media community management is an essential element in your marketing and shouldn’t be overlooked. 

When my lunch break is over, I finish the B2B Commerce Academy e-book that I started yesterday. Once I’ve transferred it into the proper layout, it’s ready to share with Maaike. After her approval, I can publish the e-book.  

Just as the other days, I end the day by attending the daily marketing stand-up.  


Well, well, look what finally decided to show up… Hello, Friday! I start my day by attending a client meeting together with my colleague Maaike. I’m assigned to write a couple of blog posts for them. The purpose of the meeting is to get to know each other and discuss the assignments. Agreements are made about the tone of voice, target audience and goals.  

I have prepared myself by already brainstorming ideas for articles. Once the client approves them, I can start with the research and writing. I devote the rest of the day to the creation of the first version of the articles.  

To end the week, we have one final marketing stand-up. We look back on the past week and discuss what the upcoming week will look like.  

A few of my favorite things
  • My favorite app: I love taking pictures and sharing them with my friends. So, I would say Instagram. It’s also a nice app to explore what others are doing.  
  • My favorite song: Solar Power by Lorde is the perfect song to get into that summer feeling! 
  • My favorite drink: I always try to start the weekend off right with a glass of wine or a cocktail.  
  • My favorite series: Without a doubt, Friends! I literally lost count on how many times I’ve watched it…

What a week it has been! The role of Content Marketer involves a lot of writing – from blog posts to e-books and social media copy. But it’s always exciting because no two days are the same – even though they’re planned out well. I enjoy being creative and having the freedom to decide on which content we create.   

In short: I’m having a blast!  

Lots of love,
Sofie ♡

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