5x free Autumn Lightroom presets for Instagram

If you’re following bloggers and/or influencers on Instagram, you know presets are impossible to ignore these days… This type of fliter can be applied on your photos for an edited look. The software to use these kind of presets is the Adobe Lightroom CC app. A preset makes sure all you Instagram photos match and it gives you a cohesive feed. If you would like to add some free Autumn presets to your collection for your upcoming Autumn photos , then make sure to keep reading!

Preset 1 – Sunday Creative Studio

This free Autumnal preset is from Lizzie Blix, the founder of Sunday Creative Studio . She has created this free preset to help you on your way to more consistent content and a cohesive feed. You can download the preset as soon as you’ve followed her Instagram. You can find all the details and information via this link.

Preset 2 – Autumn Leaves

Learn how to make this free Lightroom preset with a step-by-step tutorial. This aesthetic preset is the perfect filter to add onto any fall photography and autumn photography. Follow this Lightroom preset tutorial by clicking the link! Once you open the app, select any photo to start editing.

Preset 3 – Bright Moody

You can use this preset for portraits, flatlays, buildings, brick wall-pictures, travel pictures, etc. It gives a cosy and warm Autumn vibe to your photos without taking away too much of their brightness. Click here to download the files.

Preset 4 – Golden Tone

Just like the Autumn Leaves preset is this a turial, so you can create the preset yourself and get it for free. This is the link to the Youtube video with the explanation. The Golden Tone preset is perfect for this time of the year. With the warm and brown tones will it give your feed and Autumn photos the perfect warm look!

Preset 5 – Moody Brown

This Lightroom preset has been designed to give your photos a moody tone. It’s suitable for green images, landscape & travel or nature images. This is the link the download page.

Although it might be tricky the first time you use or create a preset, learning this tool can save you a lot of time in the long run. It will make editing so much easier and help you create consistent edits that you can reuse with just a click. Do you use presets for your photos? If so, What’s your favorite look or preset at the moment?

Lots of love,
Sofie ♡

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