My favourite new releases of this week! | #NewMusicFriday

Hello and welcome to today’s blog post! It’s only the second day of October and there’s already loads of new music to discover and listen to. Music has always been very important to me and it’s one of my biggest passions. Not a day goes by that I don’t listen to my favourite songs on repeat. So I’ve made a round up of my favourite new releases of the past week and this awesome ‘New Music Friday’, as Spotify calls it. Enjoy reading (and listening of course 😉 ).

Shawn Mendes – Wonder

For sure the biggest surprise of the year so far. Shawn Mendes is back and even better than ever before. I’ve missed the curious feeling of a new music release and Shawn simply brought it back when he, all of a sudden, announced his new single Wonder. And that will also be the name of the Canadian pop singer/songwriter’s fourth album. I can’t wait to discover the world of Wonder and the complete story Shawn wants to tell with it. I’m counting down to december 4th!

Julia Michaels – Lie Like This

When she’s not busy writing songs for the biggest popstars, Julia Michaels sometimes releases music of her own. And yesterday she finally released the first single of her debut album, which I’m way too excited about! Lie Like This has a different sound and vibe compared to her previous music, but it’s the perfect song to dance to in your room. Julia herself said the following about Lie Like This: “It’s about being hesitant about this new, beautiful thing and just giving in anyway, because you know that it’s really special.” I’ve one recommendation: put this song on repeat!

Why Don’t We – Fallin’

If falling in love felt like falling down an elevator shaft, then Why Don’t We have been there and done that. Tuesday, the American boy band released their newest single Fallin’. Band members Zach, Jack, Daniel, Corbyn and Jonah use the beat to build a different kind of adrenaline rush. The song was immediately stuck in my head and since it’s release I’ve been obsessed with it. I became a fan of Why Don’t We when I discoverd their debut album 8 Letters. If Fallin’ sets the tone for their upcoming music, I’m more than here for it!

The Vamps – Better

British boy band The Vamps is currently teasing their upcoming album Cherry Blossom, which has an aesthetic I really really love. They worked on the album for more than a year and wanted to change their sound. Cherry Blossom will be out on the 16th of October but today, on October 2nd, they released a third song that will be on the album, which is called Better. The Vamps reinvented themselves and so far I’m a huge fan of their new songs. James said the following about their new process of making the record: “There was a formula to pop music for years and years, but we’re trying to write songs that no one is doing now. This album is more our DNA.” In other words, I can’t wait to hear the rest of Cherry Blossom soon!

Ashton Irwin – Have U Found What Ur Looking For?

Ashton Irwin? Isn’t he a member of 5 Seconds of Summer? Yes, he is! And his very own solo album, Superbloom, is looking to be one of the riveting quarantine born projects as he shows a side of him we rarely get to see in his role as the drummer of the Australian pop rock band. I knew the lyrical ability was there, and we’ve seen snippets of him playing other instruments, but the rawness of this project brings out something totally different and I’m so ready for the rollercoaster Superbloom is going to take us on. The king of versatility takes my breath away once again as I scream along to the lyrics of his newest song, Have U Found What Ur Looking For.

In conclusion, this has musically been one of the best weeks of 2020 so far! The fact that so many of my favourite artists created music during the lockdown / while being in quarantine warms my heart. I’m so happy that I can look forward to all those new album releases. What’s your favourite artist or song at the moment? And what are you looking forward to in these lasts months of 2020?

Lots of love,
Sofie ♡

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