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Cozy fashion trends for Fall 2020

Today’s blog post is about one of my favourite topics: fashion. And if you’ve looked at your closet and felt like you are ready for a shopping spree, then will this be the best way to get inspired. 2020 is all about personal styling and collecting classic pieces. Get ready to update your wardrobe with some of the most populair fashion trends of this Fall. From the omnipresent neutral color combinations to a myriad of bright shades, there is something for everyone.

1. Argyle tops and cardigans

How many times have you looked at an argyle knit and, without appreciating its intricate pattern work, dismissed it for its resemblance to the entirety of your golfing uncle’s wardrobe? Well, if you only want to buy a single item this season, go with a buttoned argyle cardigan or sweater vest to make a bold statement. I still need to get used to this trend but if you combine it with a tennis skirt or baggy jeans, it kinda looks cute!

2. Plaid and tartan skirts

What is so special about this trend? The plaid look refreshes woman’s appearance once you try it on with the most basic tee. It’s fair to say, a plaid skirt is already a classic item that is ideal for making a statement.  There’s also the wide variety of possible styling tips and occasions to wear these pieces. You can style it classy, casual, sporty,… This trend has something unique and practical that gives an original twist to your overall appearance. 

3. Multicolored jackets

You’ve probaly noticed this trend before, because it also took over 2019. I own a multicolored checked jacket from Loavies but nowadays every store and webshop sells this piece. A jacket is not only practical during the colder days, but it also has the ability to enhance even the most basic outfit.

4. Natural tones all over

Natural tones and the monochrome trend have been super popular lately and for a good reason! It’s an easy way to look well put together and classy at the same time, without too much effort. It’s a versatile trend because depending on your personal style, you can make this trend as minimalist or elaborate as you want. Basically, monochrome means wearing the same shade of one color, from head to toe. In reality, you can mix and match shades or variants and be as creative as you want. This Fall will be all about mixing and matching natural tones.

5. Cropped blazers

Sometimes you have to minimise something to maximise the effect. In case of the blazer, several brands are currently simply removing the bottom. The top of the blazer is still nice and oversized, but it ends abruptly somewhere near the bellybutton. Just like in the 80’s, cropped blazers are here to accentuate your shoulders and hips.

6. Faux Fur

The perfect companion to combat the falling temperatures with is faux fur. It is a fashion essential that remains eco-friendly and comes in all colours and patterns. Once upon a time, you could tell a cheap, faux-fur coat from a mile off and it was considered naff. That can no longer be said of the imitation fur out there now. In other words, a comfy faux fur coat simply belongs in your wardrobe.

Are you ready for the more colder, darker and rainy days? To be honest, I already miss the heatwaves… Thankfully we have these really nice and lovely Fall trends to brighten up the days! Which trend is your favourite?

Lots of love,
Sofie ♡

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