My current favourite music | #6

Today’s blog post is all about music because it has always been important to me. I listen to music anywhere and anytime. Not a day goes by when I haven’t listened to some of my favourite songs. It was really hard to pick favourites to share with you, but I’ve managed to make a top 10! Enjoy reading! 

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1. Ali Gatie – What If I Told You That I Love You

One artist I’m currently obsessing over is Ali Gatie. He’s an Iraqi–Canadian rapper, singer and songwriter and you might know his other single “It’s You”. It charted worldwide and on the 8th of November, Ali released his first EP, which is called “YOU”. Ever since he released it, I’ve been listening to it.

Ali Gatie’s voice has a beautiful tone and I immediately fell in love with it. His songwriting is simple, but relatable for everyone. “If I Told You That I Love You” is a song about trying to solidify the status of a relationship. Whatever the person’s answer will be, Gatie will base his response similarly. This song is one of my favourites because I really like the the vibe it brings along.

“What if I told you that I love you?
Would you tell me that you love me back?
What if I told you that I miss you?
Would you tell me that you miss me back?”

2. FINNEAS – Let’s Fall in Love for the Night

Everyone might be obsessing over Billie Eilish, I’m a way bigger fan of her brother. FINNEAS is a singer-songwriter and he produced Billie’s debut album. In my opinion, I feel like he’s still very underrated.

I really love his whole EP, which is called ‘Blood Harmony’, but ‘Let’s Fall in Love for the Night’ is the song that’s really stuck in my head. FINNEAS offers a great mix of cheerful music with emotional lyrics, and emotional music with hopeful lyrics. It’s the variety between the dynamic and the alternative, that made me fall in love with his songs. ‘Let’s Fall in Love for the Night’ is a song about fantasizing of having someone you can never have. The song is imbued with an overarching sense of warmth. FINNEAS can make you cry and dance throughout one song.

“Let’s fall in love for the night
And forget in the mornin’
Play me a song that you like
You can bet I’ll know every line.”

3. Sam Smith & Demi Lovato – I’m Ready

My third song is the collaboration I’ve been waiting for. Two of my favourite pop champions created a masterpiece. And they both know how to complement each other. First, they show a tough, cool side, but then the two switch to warm, loving characters who are ready for love. The song is dramatic and powerful, exactly what I expected of these two stars.

‘I’m Ready’ is another single off Smith’s third studio album. An album I’m really looking forward to. It was supposed to be released on the 1st of May. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, Smith decided to postpone the release, change the title and work on some more material.

“It’s so hard when you’re with someone
Your heart breaks and it ain’t no fun
But I gotta take that risk tonight
I’m ready, I’m ready
For someone to love me.”

4. Milo Meskens – When I Feel This Way

A song by my local favourite artist couldn’t be missing from this list. It’s been more than over a year since Milo Miskens released some new music, so this song was very welcome. During this corona crisis, Milo has been active on Instagram Live. On one evening, a fan asked him for songwriting tips. He started to write a song with his followers and he got a lot of positive reactions. In the end, he decided to release it as a single.

‘When I Feel This Way’ is a song about what we’re missing during this corona crisis. Accompanied by a piano in the background, Milo manages to hold on to his beautiful voice. It perfectly describes what we’re all feeling these days and the song knows how to touch everyone very personally. It’s a slow song with a wonderful expression of our state of mind.

“‘Cause I miss having someone to look me in the eyes
And I miss having someone to wake up by my side
And I miss having someone to get me through the night
On all the days, when I feel this way.”

5. New Rules –  Look at What We’ve Done

This is a new British band I’ve recently discovered. New Rules was formed in 2019 and found immediate success with singles ‘Mountains,’ ’24 Hours’ and ‘Fix Somebody.’ They even went on tour with Little Mix as the support act.

Today they released their newest single ‘Look at What We’ve Done’. A song about the pressure girls are feeling more and more these days. The voices of the three boys have a beautiful harmony and I like the message they’re giving here.

“She said “I know it’s stupid but it’s complicated
There’s been a lot of pressure on me lately
To wake up everyday and look amazing”
So I said “you’re the prettiest thing in the world”
Look at what we’ve done to the girl.”

6. Julia Michaels – Give It To You

I’ve been a fan of Julia Michaels for just over two years now and the more songs she releases, the more I fall in love with her voice and music. For those of you who’ve never heard of her: Julia is an American singer-songwriter who has wrote some incredible songs for famous artists like Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran. And you might know her from her own famous single ‘Issues’.

At the start of this week, she released ‘Give it To You’. The song is so raw and relatable. I’ve had it on repeat for hours and it only gets better.

“Yeah, I lost my heart in a love fight
But if I had it, I would give it to you

What you’ve been waitin’ for, isn’t even mine anymore
‘Cause I lost my heart in a love fight.”

7.  Liam Payne & Alesso – Midnight

Liam Payne is the only former One Direction member I’m not a really big fan of. He can’t seem to catch a break with his solo releases and keeps collaborating with other artists to boost his image. But, this song was stuck in my head from the first time I listened to it. His collaboration with Alesso is a pop-dance song which has the perfect summer vibes.

‘Midnight’ is an anthem of unity and solidarity while both of the artists are in quarantine. Alesso and Liam wanted to shed some light on the lives of their fans and listeners, and it is safe to say that they accomplished that objective.

“Time enjoyed wasted’s not wasted time
So stay ’till the morning, stay for a while
I just wanna lay here and fall into midnight
And fall right into you.”

8. Lauv – Modern Loneliness

Lauv is an American singer-songwriter who quietly and steadily became one of pop’s brightest rising stars. He has released his music completely independently — including hits “I Like Me Better”, “i’m so tired” and “fuck, i’m lonely” — which have been streamed billions of times. I really fell in love with all the songs on his debut album ‘How I’m Feeling’. With a song like ‘Modern Loneliness’ does he want to express a very important message.

The song touches on the topic of modern youth who are more connected and even more disconnected at the same time. Before Lauv released the song, he spoke some words about it: “This will be the most important song of my career so far. It sums up everything about why I think so many of us are lonely today. It’s something I’m so proud of and I know you will love it.” 

“The baggage in my heart is still so dark
Modern loneliness, we’re never alone
But always depressed, yeah
Love my friends to death
But I never call and I never text.”

9. Jonas Brothers – Five More Minutes

After the Jonas brothers suddenly decided to go on a solo adventure in 2009, they decided last year to pick up where it had stopped a decade earlier. They are back together and just as in 2009, I’m obsessed with their music. They’ve released two new songs today and ‘Five More Minutes’ is one of them.

During this harmonious love ballad, the brothers beg their respective wives for an extra five minutes. And the song showcases the band’s softer side.

“Give me five more minutes
Baby, I’m not finished loving you
I don’t wanna end it when we’re only just beginning
Give me five more minutes.”

10. The 1975 – If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know)

A new record of The 1975 is coming out soon and everyone may have known it, as the British band has released the seventh(!) single of ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’.

‘If You’re Too Shy’ is a four-minute pleasure, as the boys return to their roots and many fans (including me) say this is their best song ever. Why? Because everything we liked so much on the first album, seems to make an appearence. It has some catchy guitars, Matty’s electronically edited voice and a very sweet sound. I can’t wait for the release of their fourth album and to (hopefully) see them in concert in October.

“Maybe I would like you better if you took off your clothes
I’m not playing with you, baby
I think that you should give it a go.”

Which songs did you discover lately? Also, if you have a favourite song or artist I need to check out, make sure to leave it in the comments! 

Lots of love,
Sofie ♡

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