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What my day as a PR intern looked like

At the end of May, I finished my 15 week internship at Dust PR in London. Lately, a lot of people asked me about it. In this blogpost I will try to explain the most important tasks and what my days looked like. Enjoy reading!

My day at Dust PR started at 09:30 so I woke up at 8am and left my house around 9am because it took me approximately 20 minutes to get to the agency. That’s one of the perks of living in the middle of a big city. Even if you’re running late, there are plenty of options to still make it on time.

Monitoring newspapers & magazines

The first task I did in the morning was going through all the newspapers of the day and reading new magazines (if there were any). It’s always important to know what the media is writing about the brands you work for and to stay updated to everything that is happening in the business you work in. For me was it important to keep an eye out on everything that had to do with fashion, lifestyle, travel, and health/fitness. All very interesting subjects to read about.


While I was reading the newspapers I flagged each interesting article with a sticky note and after we went through all the papers we had a group meeting with the team to talk about our articles. So we could see what’s interesting or useful for a new strategy or outreach for a particular brand/PR campaign.

Clipping coverage

The next task was clipping coverage. This only happened if there was coverage in the newspapers and magazines. ‘Coverage’ means that an article or press release of a client got featured in the press by using our press relations and a good ‘news’,story. First, I made screenshots of the online articles and made scans of the offline ones. I opened photoshop next, to increase the quality or to change the size of pictures. I also searched for the media rate and circulation on the special platform ‘Fashion Monitor.’

If there weren’t any of those figures online I needed to mail one of our relations at the publication to ask for a media pack. To finish the coverage clipping, I opened the InDesign template and made it look like a proper report. After that, everything was ready and our Account Manager could sent it to the client. On busy days this could last till the afternoon.

Afternoon tasks & events

In the afternoon the tasks were never the same. If there were meetings or presentations I prepared the showroom, if there were (press)events I attended them and my supervisor would give me specific tasks there. I really liked attending events and being active behind the scenes. It was a once in a lifetime experience to, for example, talk with some editors from magazines like Elle UK, Vogue, Vanity Fair,… But also to know how much preparation a good event asks. And Dust PR was mostly responsible for the press attention and the amount of guests. The client always loved it if the next day an article about his event was featured in the newspapers.

Influencer Project

A bigger project I worked on was monitoring the influencer PR collaborations for some clients. This project consisted of smaller tasks like selecting the right influencers, getting in contact with them and asking them to collaborate, selecting and sending out the right items, doing a follow up with them and tracking their social media. As soon as they posted I clipped it as coverage and created a report for the client. What I liked the most about this project was the fact that I got a lot of freedom and responsibility. I offered my own ideas, made a list of people I thought would be great fit and so on. I definitely liked this project and I would love to work more on projects like this or at a social media/content creating company. I might start working in this kind of business but I’m still doubting it because there are also other subjects I really like.

End of the day update

The last thing I needed to do before I could go home was letting my collegues know what I did and how long it took me. Some tasks lasted for a couple of days so it was very important that I told everyone how far I got and what I still needed to do on the next day(s). I crossed out on my to-do list what I finished and after cleaning my desk and saying goodbye to everyone my day ended around 6pm.

Btw, I’m sorry for the lack of blogposts lately but I’m very busy with other, sometimes more important things. I also kind of lost the interest in blogging but I had this blogpost in my drafts for more than 3 months so I would say, better late then never…

If you still have questions or want to know more about going abroad, feel free to ask. I love talking about it and I aslo miss it very much… Enjoy your summer and have a fabulous time!

Lots of love,
Sofie ♡

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