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Spring ’19 Shopping Haul

Hello and welcome to my new blogpost! I recently noticed that I haven’t blogged in more than a month so it’s really time to pick that up again. I like it and being in London makes me forget about it like all the time but since I had a weekend of 4 days off here I am again and this time with a big shopping haul. Enjoy reading! 


The first item I bought at Bershka is a basic mom jeans but with a bow. Actually, I’m more a skinny jeans kind of person but this time I wanted to buy something else and once I was at the fitting room I was surprised by how much I liked the jeans.

The second item I bought is a simple white t-shirt but with neon accents and some flowers. I also really like the quote that’s printed on the shirt. “Honey, what you give is what you get.” I’m also someone who likes to buy items who are trendy but I don’t like to stand out so a full neon shirt was for me a little too much but this one is perfect. I love it!


I also bought 2 items at Zara, a yellow top with long sleeves and yellow/grey/black checkered trousers. When I go shopping I also think in outfits. When I buy something I want to be sure that I can wear pieces together or separately with items I already have. And that’s why I like this new outfit so much. I can wear the top with other trousers, jeans, a skirt,… And I can wear the trousers with a basic black top or with a white shirt,… In the beginning I was a but unsure about buying it but now I’m obsessed haha.


I shop we don’t have in Belgium but I really like is Stradivarius. So far I only bought one item there but it’s so cool! It’s a cropped black leather jacket but with a subtle animal print. Nowadays almost everyone has a leather jacket and I really wanted one too but not a basic one. As I said before, I like to wear trendy clothes but in my own way. And with this special leather jacket I think my mission is accomplished.


To be honest I’m not really a big fan of shopping loads of clothes at Primark but sometimes they do have nice pieces and for the price they ask for it, is it hard to resist. So I ended up buying a pair of shoes and a white t-shirt which has “vacay vibes” printed on it with a nice picture. I bought the shoes because of the animal print. I noticed that all my sneakers are or white or black so now I can not only wear animal printed clothes but also shoes, yay!


Last but not least was it time to buy new white sneakers because I had my previous ones for almost 2 years. I knew from the beginning that I wanted unique shoes or shoes with a special touch. I was considering Converse All Stars or Reebok shoes and yes, I ended up buying the Reebok ones. The full name of the sneakers is “Reebok Club C GS Trainers White Irridescent” I already wore them because the spring vibes are real this weekend and they’re so comfortable. I’m really happy with my new shoes!


These were all the items a recently bought and I love every single one. I have no regrets and since the weather is so lovely I’m glad I added a couple of new Spring items to my closet. What did you buy recently? Or do you have regrets about clothes you recently bought? Let me know about it in the comments! Have a lovely Easter Monday and enjoy the sunshine. 

Lots of love,
Sofie ♡







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