My first weeks as a PR intern and Londoner

I barely believe it but today marks the 14th day that I’m living in London to do my internship abroad. An experience where I looked forward to for months and now I’m really living my dream. In this blogpost I will tell you everything that you need to know about how my life has been since I entered the Eurostar in Brussels on the 1st of February. Enjoy reading!

Sightseeing and settling in

Trains without delays really seem surreal so of course had our Eurostar a delay of almost an hour… Great. But it was still 11am when we arrived in the city of London so I wasn’t complaining that much. Although, because of the delay, I had missed the appointment with my landlord and it also took us a while to even figure out in which house I would be staying. With the help of some locals and a by coincidence meeting with the landlord everything turned out fine. Woohoo!

Afterwards, we dropped off all the suitcases and had lunch. Then, me and my parents took the underground to Piccadilly Circus and we started 3 days of visiting London’s most famous hotspots. The first day was the worst though… It was raining all day and above that also very cold. Not really the type of weather to walk outside and discover a city. But, thanks to my prayers the following days consisted of bright sunshine. On Monday, the 4th of February, I said goodbye to my parents and started to prepare for my internship.

Hello, Dust!

On Wednesday the 6th of February, I started my first ever work experience in the world of PR and communication at Dust PR. A cozy agency in Covent Garden with a lovely team. My tasks are quite simple. I monitor newspapers and magazines, manage the coverage, check social media posts, keep an eye on influencer marketing, help with sample management, prepare the rooms for events and so on. Every day is slightly different and has other tasks/opportunities.

Dust PR is really an agency where I see myself working as an intern for 15 weeks. Although we’re only in week 2, it already feels as if i’m part of the real team.

A little bit of Germany and Lithuania

Now that I’ve talked about my arrival and first impression of my internship it is time to mention how living here feels like. Honestly, it’s the best of both worlds. I live in a smaller town in Northern London called ‘Kentish Town’. Even though I live in such a big and populair city as London, I do not get that feeling when I’m walking through the neighbourhood in the morning.

In Kentish Town I have literally 5 (or even more) supermarkets in only one street who are open 7/7 till midnight, all types of restaurants (from Nando’s till McDonald’s and from local hotspots till Chinese take-aways), an underground and train station and a lot of other shops, pubs and more. In short, everything that I could need to survive is in less then a 100 meters away. Something I can’t imagine in my small hometown in Belgium.

Besides the amazing era, are also my roommates very nice and lovely. I live together in one flat with 2 girls. Alina, she’s only 18 years old, from Germany and she’s doing an internship here at a magazine. The other girl is Leva from Lithuania and she’s 24 years old. She works at Amazon as an advertiser. As you can read, even our jobs and interests matches perfectly. Last Friday we had drinks together to celebrate the start of the weekend. I’m really having the time of my life here with the best people in the best city. The city of my dreams.

This was so far my first update about how I experience life here in London. Stay tuned for more adventures because it has only just begun. 

Lots of love,
Sofie ♡

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