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Let the adventure begin! | Internship abroad

Ready, set, go! On the 1st of February I will be on my way to London to start my first real adventure abroad. After arranging a lot of paperwork and other obligations I can finally tell you all my comings and goings about my internship in the beautiful and very busy capital of England. Yes, London’s calling!

About Dust PR

Let start with the most important information, which obviously, is where I will be doing my internship for a period of 15 weeks. I will arrive in the heart of London on Friday, the 1st of February, but officially does my internship start at Wednesday, the 6th of February. Which is in less than a month, oh my god! Can you believe it? ‘Cause for me it still feels like I’m dreaming…

The PR agency where I’m hired as an intern is Dust PR.
Dust is a strategic communications and brand development agency specialised in the fashion, sport, travel and wellness industry. Clients come to Dust to keep them at the forefront of conversations – with media, talent, influencers, consumers and industry partners.

Centrally located in London’s Covent Garden, the three-floor showroom and meeting space attracts leading media, stylists, digital influencers, talent and retailers.

Their culture is what defines them. At Dust they believe in empowering people with the ability to improve themselves personally and professionally. Established in 2003, with the UK as primary market and on-ground partners in Paris and Amsterdam, Dust PR also have established connections in Scandinavia and the US, offering extended reach to clients.

Location: Falkland Road

The second important thing on my to-do list was finding a good place to stay. My first conclusion after googling residences for a couple of hours; London is so expensive. An apartment on my own was unaffordable, most of the student rooms were full and if I came across something more cheap, I had to travel more than an hour to my internship. But you know what they say; persistence pays off.

After searching for more than a month, I finally came across the perfect residence. A Flat Share in Kentish Town, a smaller village, in North London and part of Camden. I will stay in a house with 4 different rooms, a kitchen, a living room, 2 bathrooms and a garden. I rent a double room. It’s a good alternative because now I won’t be all on my own and I can surround myself with housemates who also spend a couple of months in London. We can cook together and go out in the weekends, help each other with problems, discover the city and so on.

In short: I can’t wait to arrive,  get te know everyone and start with my internship.

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Let the adventure begin, I’m ready!

Lots of love,
Sofie ♡

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